Diamond Cuts

A diamond’s cut is the most important characteristic to consider when buying a diamond because it determines its brilliance and sparkle. It is all about perfect symmetry and alignment of its tiny, mirror-like facets that will beautifully reflect light and maximize brilliance.

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Round Brilliant Cut Diamond

Timeless and truly classic, round diamonds are often the shape people think of when picturing diamonds. Renowned for its unrivalled fire and brilliance, this shape boasts excellent light refraction properties and works well in all manners of engagement ring settings.

Princess Cut Diamond

Perfectly square in shape, Princess cut diamonds are one of the most popular choices when it comes to engagement rings.  Well suited for fans of both traditional and contemporary styles, Princess cut disperses light more so than many other shapes yet its four corners give it a more contemporary look and feel.  Admired for its streamlined angles, the Princess Cut diamond makes a perfect diamond when looking for something extra special.

 Asscher Cut Diamonds

Uniquely angled and cropped corners of Asscher cut diamond makes it perfect for vintage and art deco style lovers. Often, the facets of Asscher are compared to a seemingly endless hallway lined with reflective mirrors, radiating a great deal of shine.  The cut allows for tremendous lustre and creates a fascinating optical illusion known as the ‘Hall of Mirrors’. With its clean lines and complex structure an Asscher cut diamond makes for a purely original choice for your engagement ring.

Radiant Cut Diamond

A stunning hybrid of a traditional round cut and an elegant Emerald cut, Radiant diamonds emit a memorable glow. With an intricate facet cut, radiant diamonds are effervescent and exude a tremendous amount of shine, which make them a perfect choice for those who appreciate the combination of the intense brilliant sparkle and sophistication.

Cushion Cut Diamond

The most popular diamond shape of 20thcentury, the Cushion cut presents a perfect harmony between its square shape and soft corners. Possessing a character-rich antique look, the cut is a favourite centre stone for those appreciating modernity with a hint of vintage style.

Emerald Cut Diamond

With emphasis on clarity and colour, the Emerald cut evokes the celebrated Art Deco style for a finish that embraces the precision and sharpness of the period. This stylish cut creates rectangular facets in the diamond that beautifully accentuate the stone's clarity and uncluttered appearance. Emerald Cut diamonds flash as the catch the light, rather than sparkle, making them the perfect choice for those who favour understated style.

Marquise Cut Diamond

Elegant and striking, cultured yet exotic, the Marquise diamond cut suits those with exquisite tastes and a refined sense of style. Also known as ‘Navette’, it is shaped like a little boat – a slim oval with its gracefully pointed edges that elongate the finger of the wearer while maintaining an appearance of great size and grandeur. Slender, sensual and enigmatic – this shape shines substantial fire and sparkle that creates a dramatic appeal.

Oval Cut Diamond

Combining the classic, high brilliance of the Round cut with a more unique shape, the Oval cut produces sophisticated, modern twist on the traditional round shape.  Historically, a symbol of wealth, luxury and a relationship built on trust and stability, the elongated shape of the Oval cut creates an illusion of longer fingers making it extremely flattering on the hand. The Oval cut diamond is the perfect choice for someone looking for a classic, timeless style that is a little bit different.


Pear Cut Diamond

Undoubtedly, one of the most feminine diamond cuts, the soft curve of the Pear cut resembles a drop of water with a single point and rounded end.  Also referred to as a “teardrop” or “drop cut”, it is an elegant cross between a Round Brilliant and Marquise designs that is used in the fine jewellery designs and has long been associated with royalty and nobility. A slender, sparking teardrop speaks volumes about the wearer’s impeccable taste and makes the perfect choice for those looking for something elegant and exquisite.

Heart Cut Diamond

Synonymous with love and affection, the Heart cut diamond is a powerful structure of fire and brilliance. One of the most complex cuts to create, the shape features two rounded edges divided by a single cleft and suits simple rings to accentuate its unique qualities. Nothing says “love” like a heart! This shape is the obvious choice for sensitive, romantic types yet it also possesses a classic simplicity that makes a refined statement.